Our mentoring programme adopts an artivist approach and is led by the academics and artists in each country, featuring guest appearances by award winning illustrator, Chris Riddell, and published author and activist, Sita Brahmachari. Together with the young participants in the programme, we co-create protest videos that inspire social change.

In a world geared towards disconnection and  dystopia, we dare to imagine healthier, greener, more inclusive communities that ‘leave no person or place behind’ (EU Green Deal Policy). These videos become the basis of our social movement towards positive change. In Malta, the artistic team includes filmmaker Charlie Cauchi and animation designer Andres Felipe Algeciras Marquez. In Berlin, it is made up of Uli Decker, Grips Theatre, and Hamburger Banhof. In Wroclaw, it is anchored by Natalia Jerzak, featuring Charlie Cauchi.

Stay tuned for more.

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